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If Poopity Scoop can
help all of us...
they can certainly help you!


The average dog leaves several messes per day in your yard. Poopity Scoop will thoroughly clean your yard on a regular schedule to keep it healthy and sanitary. All poop is scooped, placed in a bag, tied off and hauled away at no extra fee. We disinfect our equipment after each visit to make sure your animal stays healthy. Some yards need an initial One Time Clean-Up before regular service can begin. We would be happy to quote for this service.

Weekly Pooper Scooper Service:

Weekly cleanings will keep your yard healthy and looking great. This is our most common service and we recommend this if you like to keep your yard looking good all year long. Cleanings occur once per week, every week of the month.

$12  Per Week For 1 or 2 Dogs, +$3  Per Additional Dog

Monthly Pooper Scooper Service:

Once per month cleanings will keep your backyard from getting too overloaded with pet waste. We recommend this service if you have a low traffic yard or just want things kept up without the huge build up. Cleanings occur once per month, every month of the year.

$36  Per Month For 1 or 2 Dogs, +$6  Per Additional Dog

  One Time - Pooper Scooper Service:

A one time thorough cleaning is perfect if you're selling a home, getting ready for a party or just tired of looking at a mess in your backyard. We’ll walk your yard, scoop, bag and tie off the accumulated dog waste and haul it away at no extra charge.

$29  Per Half Hour of Service

Note: If you have a large yard, live outside of our service area or have more than 3 dogs pricing may vary. Please ask for a quote.



 We don't deposit pet waste in our customer's trash cans -
    all dog poop will be removed from your property and properly disposed of

 Your dogs are welcome to visit with us while we scoop.

 We offer one-time pet waste clean-up or weekly service.

 No contracts, cancel anytime.

 Poopity Scoop is insured and reliable.